About Me.

Here you can read more about me and how I became a designer I’m today and what is my next goal in life.

Tanja Pelkonen

I started designing when I was fourteen and did my first CD covers for metal bands. At the same time I wanted to learn about HTML and CSS and got my very own website. It was a hobby that led me the path I’m following right now.


At Viherlaakso high school I learned that this nerdy hobby of mine could actually be a profession and that is to thank Pia Lång, my art teacher and talented graphic designer.


I’ve been working ever since as a freelancer but also in smaller and bigger companies. My role has been a developer, graphic designer and in recent years more UI designer. My skills has definitely specified on the way and I feel that my expertise has most value in projects where I can really dive into client’s business and design user experiences and interfaces that serve both business and user. My background as a front-end developer makes me a better designer and usually developers like to work with me because I understand their work and process as well.


I am also very eager to learn more about service design and project management. In my current position I have had a opportunity to act as a project manager in smaller projects and I have a natural attraction towards it.


Life would be dull to do just one thing so I like to maintain some of my “older” skills like photography and magazine design when I have time. Design has been part of my life already fourteen years so it has become part of my identity and I would be lost without design and constantly evolving as a designer.